Former Tottenham Hotspur player Jamie O’Hara told TalkSPORT how he believes Derby County have treated Richard Keogh harshly following his recent sacking.

Keogh was dismissed after an off-field incident left him with a long-term injury.

The BBC claim the 33-year-old, who could be out for 15 months with knee ligament damage, turned down an offer of a revised contract on reduced wages.

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His role as captain with extra responsibility was said to be a factor in Derby’s decision.

But Jamie O’Hara believes the Rams have treated the Ireland international poorly.

The biggest problem with this situation is the other two lads are still there. They’re young boys, they’re assets for the club and they’ve gone back to play. Keogh has, for me, just been dumped to the wayside. They’ve used Keogh, he’s been great for them, and then all of a sudden when he needs you the most, when his career is at the end and he might need some help, I feel as though they’ve just thrown him to the wolves.

Have Derby County displayed a lack of consistency?

The other two players involved in the incident, Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett, have since returned to first-team action despite receiving criminal charges.

Keogh, meanwhile, may never play again due to his age and the injury sustained.

On reflection, there appears a lack of consistency on Derby’s part. However, the other two players can still fulfil their contractual duties where Keogh’s injury suggests he can’t.

There will no doubt be questions of whether Derby’s decision is morally or ethically correct. Either way, it’s an incredibly difficult situation owner Mel Morris has been put in.

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The lifelong Rams supporter has put so much into the club since becoming the club’s owner. Without doubt, he deserves far more for his time, effort and financial support.

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